Factory finish application is a process that assures a longer-lasting and higher quality job than traditional “on-site” applications.

  • Finished siding is protected from damage by weather
  • Saves time and labor costs
  • No costly scheduling, weather or seasonal delays
  • No overspray, dripping, splattering or clean-up problems
  • The job site is neat and the project looks finished immediately
  • No color variation, lap marks, shrink lines, streaking or dirt pick-up

Our coatings are made of ground pigments, which are blended using Rexson-Intermix Technology to create high quality finish for all of our products. Coatings are sprayed under factory-controlled conditions and the most stringent quality control procedures are followed. After the substrate is coated, it is sent through our Hybrid Oven which uses both gas convection and radiant heat to assist in the drying process. Once the substrate has gone through the oven, it is double wrapped and kept in dry storage until the day it ships. The finished siding will arrive at the construction site protected from exposure to water and sunlight.

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